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A parody for the brokenhearted

Posted December 6th, 2016, 12:04 PM IST

A parody for the brokenhearted

When Priyanka Suma decided to rustle up a few Snapchat videos, she had no idea what was coming her way. After conjuring up a series of punny attempts as a comeback to the infamous ‘heart broken guy’ viral video; this Bengaluru lass, who’s in the spotlight – for the right and the wrong reasons, gets chatty with us.

“I love making people laugh. I like being happy, carefree and taking the day as it comes. It’s something I’d rather do than look deeply into someone’s eyes, talk about personal problems and work with them to help them magically emerge like a unicorn,” reveals the 22 year old, self confessed toastmaster and foodgasmer, who is currently employed as a data scientist at an analytics firm.

Enthusing how the idea of a snapchat parody series sprouted out the blue, Priyanka reveals, “The snapchat series was just for laughs. There was a series called “Heart Broken Guy”, where he snapped really funny lines and I just did a parody reply series. It just happened on a normal office day, out of boredom.”

While the message was to chuckle away, a deeper meaning is also associated with the concept. “It’s something that our generation generally faces. It’s the curse of internet. There are creeps everywhere. Rather than taking them seriously and worrying enough to give them the spotlight, I wanted to laugh it out with a fun-go-to-hell series,” she says. Prior to the parody of the series, her snapchat video, The angry woman, has also gone viral with over a hundred views.

Unperturbed by detractors, this girl has learnt to take and make a joke. “My following is a mix of men and women of all ages and mostly well-read, who know how to take a joke. They are very supportive of how I embrace my thoughts and I put them across as words and pictures. As women, we need to justify everything we do. I have come a long way from being bogged down by these people to being happy despite them. Once you begin focusing only on the people who love you, these critics are just a tiny speck,” she chimes.

Speaking of her other interests, she says, “My other interests are food blogging which is mainly food appreciating, and public speaking. People overdo critiquing and end up dicing up food beyond its charm. I want to express how much I’m madly in love with food and draw similar people who have the same ardour for food through this channel in my free time.”

Giving us a peek into what’s next on the anvil, Priyanka signs off by stating, “When women crack jokes, its addressed with so much scrutiny. Someone always says, ‘Women are not funnier than men’. My family and friends have been incredibly embracing of all my quirks. My goal is to break open such barriers and be funny without having to go below the belt.” So, get ready to see some exciting stuff from this viral Snapchatters end!