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Whatsapp goes down for half hour, twitterati react in hilarious manner

Posted November 4th, 2017, 12:58 PM IST

Whatsapp goes down for half hour, twitterati react in hilarious manner

The importance communication and staying connected in our daily lives was once again highlighted when messaging service Whatsapp was hit by a major outage, stopping millions of people from using it around the world.

People were being unable to send or receive messages using the Facebook-owned app on Friday afternoon, the reason for which is being said was a server problem. The service has since then been restored

The app didn't initially look broken, with chats and contacts able to load. But once a user was into a chat, the app just showed a "connecting" message that never resolves itself, and so new messages couldn't be sent or received.

While, it did become a cause of concern for many with users posting their anger, regret on social media, there were many twitter users who found humour in the situation and soon turned the outage into a trending topic with the hashtag #WhatsAppdown.

Chetan Bhagat tweeted,

Chetan Bhagat ?@chetan_bhagat
The reason for #WhatsAppDown could be an Indian engineer working there. His girl blocked him and he went 'le phir, main block to sab block'
2:42 PM - Nov 3, 2017
639 639 Replies 2,297 2,297 Retweets 8,865 8,865 likes
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While, one Pritish Bhattacharya wrote,

Pritish Bhattacharya @PritishB1
The whole #whatsappdown thing does not really affect me because I don't have anyone to chat with.
2:39 PM - Nov 3, 2017 · Singapore
2 2 Replies 14 14 Retweets 27 27 likes
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While another Gayatri Gambhir wrote that she is feeling better with the situation,

Gayatri Gambhir @gayatri_171
Whatsapp msg not sent:
Step 1: Restart Mobile Data
Step 2: Restart phone
Step 3: Check #Twitter#whatsappdown trending. Now I feel better!
2:42 PM - Nov 3, 2017
93 93 Replies 891 891 Retweets 2,255 2,255 likes
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Another Twitter user pointed out that people are reacting as if it is a major world crisis,

preetam kumar biswal @BiswalPreetam
ppl are reacting on whatsapp down as if its a major problem like global warming ;))#WhatsAppDown
2:44 PM - Nov 3, 2017
6 6 Replies 98 98 Retweets 241 241 likes
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Rabia Anum perfectly voiced it,

Rabia Anum ?@RabiaAnumm
So whatsapp down for a couple of minutes and made headlines worldwide.
2:34 PM - Nov 3, 2017
68 68 Replies 85 85 Retweets 995 995 likes
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While @TroluKejri brought politics into the whole mix,

Arvind Kejriwal @TroluKejri
#WhatsAppDown Is A Complete Failure Of Modi's Digital India Campaign. PM Modi Must Resign.
2:42 PM - Nov 3, 2017
165 165 Replies 789 789 Retweets 3,142 3,142 likes
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Another user feared deaths due to Whatsapp failure,

Anshu Mor ?@anshuMor
500 people in India have already died because Whatsapp is down and they couldn't forward a chain message to 10 people. #WhatsappDown
2:21 PM - Nov 3, 2017
84 84 Replies 1,855 1,855 Retweets 2,918 2,918 likes
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Sir Ravindra Jadeja's parody account said what everyone was thinking,

Sir Jadeja @SirJadeja
RT If You Logged On To Twitter Only To Check If #WhatsappDown
2:36 PM - Nov 3, 2017
39 39 Replies 366 366 Retweets 845 845 likes
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And what trended while whatsapp was down? A number of people tweeted,

???? ??? ???? ??????? @humhairahi123
My #WhatsAppDown
But a video on Twitter
good message in it about god
Must watch
3:15 PM - Nov 3, 2017
16 16 Replies 292 292 Retweets 288 288 likes
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Whatsapp is since then up and running,

Ali @Ali_m_bakkar
#WhatsappDown#whatsappUp is back
2:35 PM - Nov 3, 2017
11 11 Replies 94 94 Retweets 269 269 likes
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