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FRAMED for candid fashion

Posted July 7th, 2018, 10:10 AM IST

FRAMED for candid fashion

1 Do you think of a story and then click a picture or click a picture and then weave a story?
Every moment is a part of an ongoing story in somebody’s life and as a photographer, you’re capturing moments in time of their story. Sometimes you weave a story, sometimes it unfolds. I prefer it to be as natural and free flowing.

2 Do you think pictures and poetry go well together?
Photography and poetry have their roots in creativity and art. So they definitely do. You can describe a picture with a poem or visualise a poem.

3 What genre do you click?
I don’t limit myself to any particular genre. My primary focus is fashion, nightlife, events (concerts etc) and portraits.

4 Your most prized possession?
It’d have to be my camera, a Nikon D750.

5 Photographers who have influenced you?
To be honest, it was my hunger to be creative and make something different that helped me pursue photography. Now, I follow photographers on Instagram. I really like the work by Joseph Radhik and Auditya Venkatesh.

6 How hard was it to establish yourself?
The struggle is real and it only gets more competitive. You have to keep on pursuing and pushing harder.

7 What motivates you?
People are really fascinating when you observe them from far, and capture those moments. This, along with the idea that you can freeze the true nature of a person keeps me motivated.

8 Three things you cannot leave home without?
Wallet, deodorant and a positive attitude.

9 Your favourite places to click?
Anywhere and everywhere! If I had to pick places for pure candid work, the flower market, Russel Market and places with lakes and greenery.

10 The things that you have learnt in the past year?
I have evolved, practised and been relentless in pursuit.