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Love equally

Posted September 7th, 2018, 10:29 AM IST

Love equally

There could never have been a happier moment than this. The LGBTQI community in our country is rejoicing the verdict that has been passed about gay rights and I feel wholeheartedly that the community should be respected and accepted. The verdict means we have achieved equality on a historic day for India. I am thrilled beyond words.

Love equally! The Supreme Court reversed its own 2013 decision and thereby restored equal rights to the LGBTQI community in the country. “We have to bid adieu to prejudices and to empower all citizens” - Chief Justice Dipak Mishra said.

And finally the reprehensible, backward Section 377 is mostly abolished. Inshallah for good. This is the Supreme Court after all. Hurrah!

Alex Mathew (Maya the drag queen)— hotelier
Mayama says that after all the abuse, bullying and non-acceptance in this society, today has been a new day. She says it’s like her birthday. Mayama is so lucky that she gets to be Mayama at night and Alex Mathew during the day because she works at the most gay friendly hotel - the Lalit Ashok. She mentioned that today out of sheer happiness and excitement all the Lalit Ashok hotels will hoist the rainbow flag with pride and happiness

Sasha Reddy —Chairman, Chennai Dost
Sasha says finally a landmark judgement on Sec 377 has come. She feels very happy because all of us have been fighting for this for so long. She hopes this judgment will boost efforts to eliminate stigma and discrimination against the community. She welcomes this progressive verdict from the Supreme Court. She also says this is going to be the beginning for the Indian queer community to have a more equal and inclusive society and wishes the mindset of the people will change soon. But this is just the first stage of our victory.

Sunil Menon (LGBTQI activist and fashion choreographer)
Sunil Menon says there is a ray of hope with an Indian rainbow on the horizon in the landmark judgement. Now is the right time says Sunil for us to look at issues like medical institutions abusing children brought to them for treatment for conversion therapy and take legal action against them. And to look at and counsel educational institutions where children are denied education because of their orientation and gender expression. Access to good housing and employment can be looked at freely. The main issue was most of the community members lived in fear because of harassment. Most of them were threatened and blackmailed for money because they were so scared so long as gay sex was illegal and now it will all change for the better.

Harish Iyer (LGBTQI activist)
This is the beginning of the end of prejudice against LGBTQI people. He feels now is the time the work starts in mainstreaming the cause. The fight against the ignorant is not an easy task. He also feels it’s been a tough process to get so far and this is just the beginning and with all the issues that were suppressed so long. With such a verdict, people cannot take liberties anymore. They need to start good work and promote the LGBTQI community the right way.