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Walking on the road to hell

Posted May 31st, 2019, 10:09 AM IST

Walking on the road to hell

Imagine a rainy evening, where you are sitting near a window, enjoying the downpour while eating bajjis, and listening to the melodies of 80s. Such a wonderful gaze it is! It is also dreadful. Want to know for whom? For people who commute. Yes! For the bikers, travelers in bus and cars. It is unimaginable in this buzzing city.

Archisman Basak working in an MNC says, “Poorly maintained roads, water clogging, power cuts and dreadful bottle necks during the rains add to our woes. I take public transportation for which I sit in a bus for almost two hours during my journey from Bellandur to Vasanth Nagar. Comprehensive time of both up and down travelling sometimes extend to six hours in a day for me. The invested time is much more than the time I spend for myself.”

Natasha Naidu, who works with HR in a startup company is fed up of dealing with aggressive auto rickshaw drivers during this season. “Half-time goes in bargaining with them and more than half-time goes in the crowded roads in this city. Still I manage myself carrying a zip pouch for my phone, umbrella, waterproof carry bag, waterproof laptop bag and some extra cash. All I can do is sit in the auto with my earphones plugged but still wondering why nothing has been done to improve the infrastructure.”

These rains flood the roads, there are potholes everywhere and to add to our woes, metro constructions are not just narrowing the roads but also restricting the movement of traffic.

Jyoti Mishra, a web developer with an MNC, who takes a 10 minute walk to her office, shares her experiences. “Traffic on the roads is already chaotic. Roads during the rains are much worse. Metro construction, water clogging till the knees and potholes make my daily walk a challenge. There are few roads which are always crowded. The roads and buildings which come under the infrastructure of a city showcase its development. So if the BBMP takes up proactive steps it helps the city evolve.”