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The Online Jaadoo

Posted June 13th, 2019, 10:08 AM IST

The Online Jaadoo

Social media handles are today’s go to for youngsters in their free time. From scrolling down their feeds to even stalking profiles there is a weird satisfaction when they see what they like. And, this is where influencers rise with their posts. Here are a few such influencers from Bengaluru who share their experiences and give a few tips.

Thara Nandikkara a traveller says, “With the tremendous growth in usage of social media there is an opportunity to create whatever you want to create and put it out in public.” This traveller with a fairly descent number of followers on her social media handles named Cluless compass, is an influencer and has managed to charm many.

Thara says, “This is a great time to live in. Social media is such a powerful tool to express your creativity and opinion. The happiness creative freedom gives you is immense. Being your own boss, you have a platform to showcase the content you want to show the world.” She also added by saying, “You get a space to explore your creativity for free which is great. But how you make use of it is important. If you think you are an influencer or others think you fall into that category, be responsible and make good use of it. Be clear how you influence others, even if you have a very small number of followers who look out for your content.”

People don’t just use social media to flaunt themselves but they tend to use this forum to exhibit their passion and love for food, travel, pets and a lot more.

Archana Doshi, founder of Archana’s kitchen said, “Influencers and creators in this world of social era have a huge responsibility. If the content we create in any form is impacting the users or viewers, we always try curating friendly content. Sometimes, the popular we get, the more responsibilities we take on our shoulders. We need to know about the target audience.”

Jay Menon a food reviewer by passion and a lawyer by profession says, “This upgrade in technology helped in creating and expressing myself in a passionate way regardless the dance and music stuff that is visible online. It’s essential to know the it’s not only for dance and music videos; there are many other categories on social media. Being a lawyer and HR specialist, food never stopped me to review it and I have a huge number of followers on Instagram for the food reviewing videos. This is the reason why I love doing what I do. We must spread the word about putting social media handles to better use.