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Befriend the unknown!!!

Posted July 8th, 2019, 10:20 AM IST

Befriend the unknown!!!

Starting off in a new city is always exciting. You have your desired job with a five-digit salary and a swanky office in tall buildings with adequate amenities. With a set career at the capital city that houses various scrumptious cuisines the void of a good acquaintance always could probably be the only set-back.

Well fret not My Scoot is a community which helps build a strong social circle. If you are hosting a house party or want to be part of one this is the perfect and pocket friendly option.

Suyash Sinha, founder of this group says, “After travelling to 13 cities till date for both personal and professional life, I always felt a little hard to make friends in a new city. And that’s when I knew I could come up with a rational solution and I discussed it with Sidharth my business partner.”

The duo hosted a get-together in 2017, with the theme - BYOF (Bring your own friend) which was a success and to their surprise seemed a bit refreshing. With 15 guests, they knew only a few of them but they say the party was lit. They later went on to start a page on social media and received over 500 likeminded youngsters.

Suyash said, “There have been a lot of buzz around millennial consumer’s behaviour and the usage of networking/dating apps. So, I wanted to touch base to see if this could be an interesting counter-angle on how millennials can use our services to actually build a fun and intellectual social circle.”

The parties that feature on their social media pages and website range from Rs 500 to 1200. Interest-based activities like spinning board games, wine and salsa, home concerts, art, slam poetry, coffee brewing, etc are mostly what attracts the young crowd. A rapid impact on their Lifestyle and culture is the ultimate aim.

Akshay a user of this community says, “Alcohol is not the first preference in our parties. With different themes, guests enjoy their hearts out. This service also ensures safety and security with parties being scheduled during early evenings. All these meet-ups I attended and hosted, gave me a good list of friends who I now maintain a good rapport with. This amusing idea has spruced up my life and my social circle. I felt a paradigm shift of stepping into the real world rather than drowning in my cell phone scrolling down boring feeds.”

With the right modern networking techniques, this service helps millennials who are known for their desire for experiences and unique work ethic. With this rapidly growing economy it is essential to maintain a work-life balance.

Nidhi, a guest to one of the parties says, “This revamping concept of meeting new people is quirky and unique. It is more personalised and you actually get to talk to new people in a fun ambience. I take out time for my personal life now to build a happy environment around me and I’ve made good friends that I hang out with on a daily basis and this helps me strike the perfect work-life balance.”