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Namma Chennai falls for FaceApp

Posted July 18th, 2019, 10:22 AM IST

Namma Chennai falls for FaceApp

As the faceapp challenge is taking the world by storm, Namma Chennai too couldn’t help but fall for the trend. A new filter added to the app gives you a glimpse of how you may look when you grow old. While the fun filter sweeps the internet, DC finds out what it is like to know well ahead of time how you may look in your old age.

City- based IT professional Vishnu Priya Ganesh shares her excitement with DC. “As it happened, my husband and I were casually talking about our old age and how our physical appearances would change. We never had this app before. Only yesterday we came to know about it. So we decided to try it out with our one-year old wedding pic. And the result just got us in splits. He was making fun of my wrinkles and I was making fun of his grey hair."

The fun part aside, a news anchor from a top news network has a perspective.

“I had this app on my phone already, but I have never used it much. I tried it out with a lot of pictures of mine. Some results were horrible. This app tries to tell you the reality, which is that nothing is permanent and looks are no exception. Although it’s a fun app, it gives you a sense of reality and the accuracy level is very high.”

City-based chartered accountant Lakshmi Narayan TS says excitedly, “There are a lot of apps out there- we have already seen the gender swap filter, but this is one of a kind with high perfection. When I uploaded the pic on Facebook, many friends thought that I had posted a pic of my grandfather to remember him on his death anniversary.”

DJ Ali points out a problem that has already cropped up about the app. “Now it’s been trending but it won’t stay for long. The system has already crashed as a lot of people are trying to use it at the same time.”

Concerns have also been raised about the pros and cons of trying out the filter. The app may have the users’ names and photos saved and these might be used by the app later.