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Is it in their DNA?'

Posted August 20th, 2019, 11:00 AM IST

Is it in their DNA?'

Siblings Apeksha and Krish Nayak believed in their dream of opening a restaurant. Namma ooru, with its diverse culture and people from different walks of life, was their desired spot to start a restaurant that offers a modern Asian take on Japanese and Korean cuisine. The idea was shaped after their multitude of travelling experiences.

“We have explored all of the USA and take at least two long trips a year to other destinations. The years we have spent abroad and our frequent travels around the world has meant that we could try many wonderful cuisines of different styles and cultures,” says Krish. Although they both come from a technology background, the passion for food and the challenges involved in running an F&B business motivated them to take the plunge into this uncharted sector.

Their exposure to global cuisines and the strong bond they shared have stood them in good stead with this venture.

In fact, according to them, sibling relationships are stronger than any other partnership. Apeksha says, “Starting a business with someone usually takes trust and belief in each other. We have always been in sync, which has been a big driver for the growth and success of our business. Coming from the same family, our work ethics and philosophy are similar, which has contributed to the growth of the business. It is a relationship that is true and honest. We are very similar yet we are also very different. Our skill sets really complement one another. We recognise that in each other and never feel like we’re stepping on one another’s toes.”

This bright restaurant is all family funded, with their supportive spouses, close relations and even extended family helping. To live up to everyone’s expectations, the duo is now investing all their time, money and strategies in finessing the menu and the restaurant as a whole to as high a standard as possible. Krish elaborates, “We constantly innovate and add new things on the menu. We also maintain the freshness and taste consistently which helps us to keep our existing customer base and also attract new ones.”