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Chennai shores up their beach game

Posted September 18th, 2019, 10:16 AM IST

Chennai shores up their beach game

Beaches and partying go together like, well, a hot summer day and a cold beer. It's no wonder, then, that many of the gorgeous beach settlements around the world are also hot spots for dancing and drinking the night (and day) away.

Whether travelling for a spring break, a bachelorette party or just to enjoy a stretch of sand with some music, Chennai's ECR stretch offers sea and sand along with first-class party scenes all rolled into one.

Arohi Tambe, director of marketing of a popular resort in ECR says, “The beach culture has made an avid shift recently. The number of hotels and resorts has increased on Chennai's coastline.”

“People from Bangalore too come down to visit these resorts near Mahabalipuram & enjoy the sassy culture.

We also host full moon parties once a month; it is popular in countries like Thailand, and Vietnam. Everything is natural in these parties - the sound of the ocean crashing through your ears and the subtle music gives us immense pleasure,” she cherishes.

Nowadays, people prefer beach culture is more interesting and fun than the regular pub culture. People can east out and come with a casual look. It is more relaxing and effortless, no need to groom themselves for the party.

Mohit, an event organiser says, “There are no restrictions for the beach parties like wearing shoes, couple-passes etc. People enjoy the freedom to wear whatever they want to. And the music is mostly EDM and techno which is savoured by most visitors.”

City socialites host their milestone parties like weddings, birthdays and anniversary gigs on the beach side resorts. The beach houses replete the crowd with flamenco dancers and even pole dancers as well.

Not only the general public, but celebrities have also been part of these beach parties. Speaking about this, Ram, the CEO of an event management company, says, “We host a split party for the celebs to maintain their privacy or offer them a separate place called the Golden Area. They are eager to have fun too just like others.”

“Normally, cities like Goa conduct the sun-burn festivals but for the past three years, Chennai city has boomed up its beach party act. Some celebs like Siddharth have also promoted the event through social media.”