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1996, GenY or GenZ?

Posted September 23rd, 2019, 10:31 AM IST

1996, GenY or GenZ?

Imagine a hypothetical scenario where the group you choose depicts your personality. While millennials (1981 to 1996) are shaping the future, the GenZ (1997 to 2006) struggles to cope. However, those born in 1996 lay in between the paradigm shifts. We speak to them to understand which generation they’d be part of and more.

Kedar Rao, an engineer says, “I think GenZs are more of an entitled generation than millennials. I think the major reason for this is that millennials were really good children, but as parents, they were more non-cliché and lenient. This is why the next generation are so much more different. They are the sort of generation I’m jealous of, because everything was just easily handed over to them but at the same time, they thrive for success.”

Technology has played a very important role in the lives of GenZs. While, they look at it as a boon, some millennials believe this to be a bane.

Talking about how technology has been a game changer in the lives of GenZs, Deanna DS a makeup artist from Bengaluru says, “I prefer the millennials over GenZ any day. The main reason is because the GenZ do things not because they want to, but because they want show that they’ve done it. They are rightfully called the Snapchat Generation. Also, people from GenZ are extremely self-obsessed, they have that ‘this is mine, and only mine’ sort of attitude.”

Millennials are known to be a more focused generation, but GenZs are better multi-taskers. Growing up in an era where everything was like a roller coaster ride, this generation is more pragmatic in nature. Hence, they are more self-identified people who thrive for success. Some may also say that they are millennials on steroids.

Abhishek Dugar, employee at a bike rental company says, “I think GenZ people are more relatable and easy to approach. It’s easier for me to get along with someone who is five years younger than me than five years older. Moreover, I think the reason I would prefer the GenZ people is because they are doing the same things that I once did, in terms of having fun and stuff. Millennials are just too old for my liking, like imagine having someone who fifteen years older than you being in the same demographics.”

Varsha Gulvady, an associate for financial operations in an online retail portal, “For me, making connections with GenZ is much easier than Millennials. Their way of living, the conversations they have, the way they approach life is much more spontaneous. I think millennials are a bit too serious and cautious. I would prefer being a part of the GenZ group over millennials in many ways.”