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Gioconda Vessichelli an Ital-Indian girl is all set with 'Contigo Bom Bom'

Posted September 24th, 2019, 10:27 AM IST

Gioconda Vessichelli an Ital-Indian girl is all set with 'Contigo Bom Bom'

The 7 international opera awards winner Gioconda Vessichelli creator and pioneer of BollywoOPERA style thanks to which she inaugurated a fusion between Western and Eastern world music in India for the first time ever,for what she won the “Indian women award” even if she is a non Indian woman with “an Indian heart which pumps Italian blood in her veins” as she loves to define herself. After the success of her previous BollywoOPERA songs hitting millions of views on YouTube, released by the biggest lebel of India “Tseries” now she is all set to launch her new song composed by her on a Latino peppy song,with Indian blends and whose video will make you go crazy...we have clapped her singing the most difficult full operas in the most prestigious theatres of the world with best conductors and acting on stage under the guide of best theatre directors ,as well as we have seen her in many tv channels in Europe and India ,(let s not forget her relevant performance at “Venice Awards” world broadcasted by Italian Government channel Rai2 where she was the only opera singer to be chosen to sing for the Grammy Award Winner movie music composer Ennio Morricone) ,but that s not all for the grown up child prodigy who has been the student and she has taken the secret of singing technique from legendary singers such as Magda Olivero, Daniela Dessi’, Gianni Raimondi , and from the best tenor of the world Luciano Pavarotti: Gioconda Vessichelli has always been a sparkling and eclectic personality curious about different cultures and in need of using her brain in a creative and innovative way... get ready to discover the Italian set with Latino beauties and the unique texture of Gioconda ‘s voice prepare yourself to get overwhelmed by first time ever raggaetton using Indian words along with Spanish, English and Italian lyrics!