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A wedding is for everyone!

Posted March 3rd, 2020, 10:25 AM IST

A wedding is for everyone!

A calendar celebrating the bridal season will be launched at a first-of-it’s-kind wedding show in the city. Photographs of weddings typical of different ethnic groups, ancient and modern, in States across India illustrate each calendar page, providing a lyrical representation of the everlasting bond between man and wife all year round.

The panoply of the erstwhile Mughal empire is brought to life in the wedding pictured under the month of March on the calendar. April transports us to the ancient Chola kingdom, with the ethereal wedding scene showcasing the culture of the advanced society of that era. Yet another famous ancient Indian kingdom - the Vijayanagar Empire - is the backdrop of the wedding shot for the month of May. It captures the lavish preparations and the religious traditions of the time.

The Ahoms of Assam are the inspiration for the June wedding shot, focussing on the ancient traditions of this north-eastern dynasty. The north-east is the backdrop again in July - This time the venue is Manipur, and the scene captures the colour and richness of the wedding customs that are wholeheartedly followed in the state.

It’s a Kannadiga wedding in August with the focus on rituals rather than on pomp and show.

The exuberance of a royal Rajput wedding is captured in the illustration for September, while in October, it is the religious solemnity and dignity of a Sikh wedding that is in focus.

The blend of tradition and modernity that mark a Bengali wedding is beautifully featured in the illustration for the month of November, and in December, the simplicity and elegance of a marriage ceremony in Kerala is celebrated.

The Marathas’ reverence for religion and tradition is reflected in the wedding scene that illustrates the month of January. February highlights the Lagan ceremony of the Parsis, a community with roots in Iran which has integrated into the fabric of India while preserving its own cultural identity.

The show is being held at the Crowne Plaza on March 3.