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Call be by my ‘chosen’ NAME!

Posted May 16th, 2018, 10:36 AM IST

Call be by my ‘chosen’ NAME!

Newlywed Sandalwood actor Chirranjeivi Sarjaa is hoping for another success with Amma I Love You. But if you are wondering about the mistake in the spelling of the actor’s, name, it’s about numerological correctness! Likewise, there are several other actors in the industry who have altered the spelling of their names due to such reasons, hoping it will augur better prospects in their filmi careers. Many have just made changes with their screen names, while retaining their original names in official records. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on the trend behind numerological names for fame.

Recently, actress Parvatii Nair, formerly known as Parvathy Nair made a similar change to bring in good tidings. Others like Haripriya, changed her spelling to Hariprriya. There is a long list of such name changes —Sharmila Mandre who changed to Sharmiela Mandre, Sri Murali to Srii Murali, Archana Galrani to Sanjjanaa Galrani.

“It was my mother Lalitha who advised me and got it changed with an additional ‘r’ to my name in English. I take everything positively. However, it is only my screen name. In official records it is still Shruthi C, where C is for my father Chandrasena. Even in my first film in Tulu, my name was mentioned as Shruthi,” says Hariprriya.

She further adds that the letter ‘H’ has been lucky for her, and hence she chose the alphabet for her screen name. “I chose Hariprriya with an additional letter ‘R’ which means Lakshmi,” she adds.

Actress Parvathy Nair, who changed her name’s spelling to Parvatii Nair, says that though she does not believe in numerology, she did it for a different reason.

“As I work both in Kannada and Malayalam, I faced a situation where there were a lot of actresses with similar names spellings. A numerologist had suggested that I change it. Though it was suggested that the present spelling was not good, and I was advised to change it everywhere, I have done it only for the screen,” she adds.

Actress Neethu too had changed it to Neettoo but eventually retained her earlier spelling when it did not augur any ‘reel’ changes.

Narayana, a numerologist, says, “It is not a 100 percent guarantee that such changes will bring in good fortune. It may add positivity to one’s prospect. But, many have made changes only to their screen name, and not officially, which might not yield the complete positive results expected.”

Even in the case Archana Galrani, known by her screen name Sanjjanaa Galrani, the official records have her as Archana Galrani.

“Actress Pooja Gandhi’s real name is Sanjana Gandhi, but after Mungaru Male she changed it to Pooja Gandhi. There are several actors who have two different names, an official one and a screen name. However, luck favours only hard work and real talent at the end of the day,” he wraps up.