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Her looks are deceptive!

Posted August 9th, 2018, 10:05 AM IST

Her looks are deceptive!

While television industry is marching to its own glory and is almost is on par with the film industry. So it comes as no surprise that the the ‘remake’ concept has hit the small screen too. Despite a few original/ straight shows and serials doing a tremendous job, bringing the much needed TRP ratings to the channels, the Kannada television has been witnessing a steady growth in the number of remakes. However, not all of them are complete remakes but some are tweaked in accordance with the local interests of the audience. Bengaluru Chronicle reports on the small remakes.

“When television programmes started evolving, the primary role was to provide information with very little entertainment. Even serials were made with limited number of episodes. Back then, there were hardly any remakes or serials inspired from other works. Almost everything was original.

One of the reason was that there was one sole channel Doordarshan. Now, the situation has changed immensely. Dozens of private channels with a state and national presence compete with each other for supremacy,” says filmmaker Amith Kumar.

However, he adds that the case of movies was different even back then. “Many commercial movies were inspired by their western counterparts. In case of television, the popularity determines the case here. More the popularity and TRP earning capacity, the sooner the remakes in other languages.”

Director Ramesh reveals that a few years ago, the percentage of remakes were high. “Out of 60 shows, the original serials were only in single digits. Things changed a bit when channels started emphasising for more original content. But, the competition is the force which drives remakes.

A channel would have a ready script, which has already witnessed success. Tweek it in accordance with local interest including culture, tradition and language, for a ready formula. These days publicity too plays a huge role too,” he adds.

However, Shivakumar, a television writer says that for a original serial, a lot of preparation is required including writers along with other aspects involving the making of a serial, which takes time and moreover it has to prove its worth before the audience. “An original serial is always good for new talents.

Though not all are completely remakes, most of them are inspired by older shows and are simply given a makeover,,” he wraps up saying that production costs is also another aspect for remaking shows and serials by a channel which has its presence across various languages.