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KCR sure of hat-trick, writes to workers

Posted March 21st, 2023, 11:11 AM IST

KCR sure of hat-trick, writes to workers

BRS president and Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao exuded
confidence that the party will score a hat-trick in Assembly polls this year and retain power for a third term.

He asked party workers to work for strengthening the party further, counter and expose the false propaganda of the opposition parties against the BRS.

In a letter addressed to party workers on Monday, the Chief Minister said that the people of Telangana state will not fall prey to the cheap politics of the BJP and the Congress. Rao asked party workers to be more alert and cautious since this was an election year.

"Politics is a game for other political parties. But for the BRS, it is a task. The BRS considers politics as a sacred duty to fulfil people’s aspirations. The BRS government has transformed Telangana state as an index for welfare and development" the Chief Minister noted.

He said he would always be indebted to party workers for ensuring the party’s grand victory in all the elections from the gram panchayat-level to Lok Sabha level in all these years, which no party could achieve.

"The BRS government has successfully executed many welfare schemes and development programmes which were considered impossible by many. We ensured that Telangana state emerged as a role model for the entire country," Rao said.

Telangana state is now one among the five large states, which are contributing immensely to the nation’s economy, Chandrashekar Rao stated.

While, Telangana state achieved rapid development in all sectors in the last years, after 75 years of Independence, the nation was still plagued with issues like sufficient drinking water for households and irrigation purposes, besides power supply due to the inefficiency and the flawed policies of Congress and BJP governments at the Centre, which ruled the country for several decades after Independence, he pointed out.

"China, Singapore and South Korea are achieving rapid progress and unfortunately India is beset with communal hatred and lagging behind in development," Rao said.

Holding the Congress and the BJP responsible for the poor development of the nation, he said both parties lacked vision and commitment.

“To fill the void, the BRS set a new agenda for the nation and embarked on a new journey to influence national politics,” he stressed.

He stated that the BJP-led government at the Centre was attacking the BRS and creating hurdles in Telangana state's growth, unable to digest the rapid growth of Telangana state on all fronts in the last eight years.

"The BJP is also unable to stomach the BRS slogan of "Ab ki baar, kisan sarkar' and intensified attacks on the BRS," he said.