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Priyanka Reveals Insights on Films, Farting, and Snoring

Posted May 30th, 2023, 06:28 PM IST

Priyanka Reveals Insights on Films, Farting, and Snoring

In a recent video shared by Prime Video India, Priyanka Chopra took part in a lighthearted Q&A session where she answered various intriguing questions, including her experience with a film she didn't enjoy, public farting, and snoring.

The actress shared her candid thoughts on these topics during a lie detector-style test. Here's a glimpse of what she had to say:

Film Experience She Disliked:

When asked if she had ever acted in a movie she hated, Priyanka admitted, "I can't tell you which movie it was, but I can say the experience was pretty hateful. I would wait around for hours, my lines made no sense, and I was constantly portrayed as a damsel, which is not my usual character. It was tough."

Public Farting Confession:

Priyanka confessed, "Yes, I have farted in public, but they are silent and deadly." She also humorously admitted that she often tells people she is on the way even when she hasn't started yet, saying, "I'm always on the way, but don't ever believe me when I say that."

Parathas vs. Burgers:

When asked to choose between parathas (Indian bread) and burgers, Priyanka enthusiastically selected parathas, mentioning that she had enjoyed three of them that very morning. Additionally, she expressed her preference for the Jonas Brothers over Harry Styles when asked to choose between the two.

Snoring Denial and Reflection Checking:

Priyanka denied snoring in her sleep, despite her husband, Nick Jonas, claiming otherwise. She also admitted to checking her reflection in any available reflective surface, even if it's a spoon, as she has done so since childhood.

Priyanka's Excitement for Citadel and a Playful Ending:

Priyanka couldn't reveal the mole in the series Citadel, playfully stating that it's "above her pay grade." The video concluded with her laughing and contemplating her response when asked to choose between Hollywood and Bollywood. Notably, her answers received positive indicators on the lie detector, except for the snoring revelation.

Recently, Priyanka appeared in the spy series Citadel, alongside Richard Madden. The action-packed show, created by The Russo Brothers, revolves around two elite agents, Mason Kane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sinh (Priyanka), working for the global spy agency Citadel.