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Shaakuntalam Review

Posted April 14th, 2023, 04:45 PM IST

Reviews Movie Review : Shaakuntalam
Rating : 2.00
Banner : Gunaa TeamWorks, SVC
Cast : Samantha, Allu Arha, Sachin Khedekar, Kabir Bedi, Dr.M Mohan Babu, Prakash Raj, Madhubala, Gautami, Aditi Balan, Ananya Nagalla, Jisshu Sengupta and others
Music : Mani Sharma
Producer : Neelima Guna
Director : Gunasekhar
Released Date : Apr 14, 2023

Shakuntala (Samantha) is a beautiful woman who lives in Rishi Kanva's ashram. When King Dushyanta (Dev Mohan) sees Shakuntala on his hunting trip, he falls madly in love with her. Shakuntala reciprocates his feelings.

Shakuntala and Dushyanta secretly wed, and Dushyanta promises to return for her, giving her a royal ring as a token of his love.

One day, when Durvasa (Mohan Babu) visits the ashram, Shakuntala forgets to greet him properly, being wrapped up in her thoughts about Dushyanta. Furious at this slight, Durvasa pronounces a curse upon Shakuntala, saying that the object of her fantasies would one day forget about her.

Pregnant with Dushyanta's child, Shakuntala travels to the capital city to find out why Dushyanta has not returned for her. Unfortunately, she loses the ring on her journey.

When she arrives at Dushyanta's court, her husband neither recognizes her nor remembers her. After being humiliated, Shakuntala moves back to the woods and gives birth to a son whom she names Bharat (Allu Arha). Will King Dushyanta ever remember her?