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Balayya's 'Okka Chance Please' Disturbed His Fans

Posted December 28th, 2021, 10:56 AM IST

Balayya's 'Okka Chance Please' Disturbed His Fans

'Aha' has got good traction from the public with the entry of Balakrishna as the host for 'Unstoppable'.

The show has set a new trend on a whole. Balayya’s drive, dashing nature, the style of asking questions and also speaking out about his brand of liquor..everything stood unique and pulled the attention of audience. But only one thing kept Balayya’s image down in this scenario.

Balayya asking the directors when they are going to make films with him is objectionable to some his fans.

The fans say that Balayya never begs for roles like that. Fans question, “Why should he plead for ‘okka chance’?”

Generally directors approach big heroes with stories in their hands. Young heroes request the directors for roles. These days even the mid range heroes are not running behind the directors publicly.

But Balakrishna requested Rajamouli to make a film with him. He also promoted himself stating that he will work hard through out the shooting period.

Many are worried that this is not Balakrishna’s nature and lamenting who are making him talk like that?

Balakrishna behaved in similar way with Sukumar as well. He marketed himself stating that he is ready to play the roles with negative shades.

While Sukumar is eulogizing him calling him as a god of many fans, Balayya is begging him for a film. He also requested him to start a film for Dasara and release for Sankranthi.

So, with the new signals from the fans, the show runners may take care from not letting down the image of Balakrishna in the subsequent interviews.