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Hero Leaked An Insight About 'Brahmastra' Budget

Posted September 19th, 2022, 10:59 AM IST

Hero Leaked An Insight About 'Brahmastra' Budget

There has been a huge speculation on the budget of 'Brahmastra'. While some said it was Rs 650 Cr, others claimed it to be Rs 410 Cr. But Ranbir Kapoor, the main lead of the film gave some clarification sharing an insight regarding the budget of the film.

He said, "These days, we are reading a lot where people are discussing the budget of the film. People are saying this much is the budget and this much is the recovery. But Brahmastra is unique being where the budget is not just for one film but for the whole trilogy.”

He explained further- "So, the assets we have created for the film, like the fire VFX or effects for other superpowers, will be used in three films. So, it’s not like the figures floating around, whether it’s hundred rupees or two hundred rupees, are correct. It’s all wrong.

The economics of this film is not like the economics of other films that have been made in our industry. Now, we can easily go into part 2 and part 3. With part 1, Ayan had to learn how to make this kind of a film".

Brahmastra is still running in the theatres with impressive collections with Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt playing the main leads while Amitabh, SRK and Nagarjuna are in other roles.

The film has got the credit of highest-grossing Hindi film of the year by its ninth day.