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Lucifer Vs Godfather: Threat Of Comparison

Posted September 30th, 2022, 11:22 AM IST

Lucifer Vs Godfather: Threat Of Comparison

Chiranjeevi's 'Godfather' is coming up on October 5th. It is known that it is the remake of Malayalam hit Lucifer starring Mohan Lal.

The lockdowns during the Corona pandemic facilitated many of the audience to watch this on Amazon Primevideo. In fact, majority of audience watch films on this particular OTT platform as it is economical with regard to subscription. Above all, the film Lucifer has been available in Telugu version as well which was watched by many Telugus across the globe. Now they have the remake in Telugu with the title Godfather!

Lucifer is a classic in its way. There is a wide belief that the classics shouldn't be touched to remake. The film runs on a unique story line that fits in well for Kerala. The two major aspects of the film with regard to nativity are the Christianity and Communism. It is obvious that these two elements might have replaced with other native elements in Telugu. But without the background of communism, Lucifer may hold the conviction.

Mohan Lal appears for around 10 to 15 mins in the first half and his real drama begins only in the second act.. The audience those come to watch Chiranjeevi's film cannot accept this and so the screenplay might have changed to give more room for megastar. Apart from this songs and comedy are Chiranjeevi's forte. But there is no scope for both in this storyline.

The song on Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan is only coming up during the rolling titles.

The comparison between the two films is inevitable and it is really a fingers-crossed situation.

Lucifer had changed many hands right from VV Vinayak to some top directors but finally Chiranjeevi locked the script given by Mohan Raja. So, it is really curious to see what changes were made to make it tailormade for Chirajeevi.

Though Ayyappayum Koshiyum was not dubbed into Telugu, many Telugu audience watched it before the release of Bheemla Nayak. But the film was received well though not a profitable venture at the end. Here, Lucifer was available as a Telugu dubbed version and we have to see how the audience receive this Telugu remake in comparison.

Coming to other key casting, Satya Dev is a versatile actor who is portraying the role of Vivek Oberio here. Can Satya Dev match the stardom of Chiranjeevi? Can he balance the weightage on he screen in the role of Nayantara's husband? We get the answers only after the release.

The Malayalam version shows a kind of incest cruelty in Vivek Oberoi's character but here in Telugu it's changed to Satya Dev's indecent behavior with Nayantara's sister. Can this change sustain the cruelty of this character?

On a whole there are many questions and expectations on Godfather. The curtains go down on this suspense only on October 5th.